Thursday, July 22, 2010

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InstaForex - the best broker of Asia

I started Forex Trading about 2 years ago with a Forex Broker. i won’t mention which broker but what I can say is, I lost a lot of money..

It was bad..Really bad..But you know, I didn’t quit. I was introduced to Instaforex by a friend and of course I checked to Internet to find reviews about them.

I had questions such as:

  • Are they really good?
  • Will they cheat me of my money?
  • How much was the deposit?
  • What trading platform are they using?
  • What other people say about Instaforex?

Actually, I was really interested to know what other people are saying about Instaforex. Its good because I can get raw feedback from about them. So I went to the forums to find out. Here’s what I gathered:

  • Instaforex is really one of the best forex brokers in Asia. I went to Forex Factory forum to search on reviews about Instaforex and discovered there is a difference in perception of Asia traders in 2008 compared to recently (2010 & 2011). People who are initially skeptical about Instaforex and thought they are a scam have changed their mind! Now most of the reviews on Instaforex is really good..
  • Instaforex provides great customer service. They even have an office in Kuala Lumpur, USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Indonesia, Georgia and Other countries.
  • Instaforex deposit is really low. You can start with only 10 USD. I’m not kidding! Its that low. Even if I lose 10 USD, I won’t complain. Its not such a big amount to complain about.

I can go on and on about Instaforex being great and so on but I’ll leave that to your wise judgment. If you really want to start trading, I suggest that you start with a reputable forex broker Instaforex.

I guarantee you won’t regret it!

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InstaForex - the best broker of Asia

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